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Come on, Find Out Facts about the Belly Button Prominent when Pregnant

Physical changes are a natural thing to happen in pregnancy. One is the prominent belly button. Although often associated with various myths, Bumil does not need to worry too much. Come on, find out more about the facts about navel prominent during pregnancy. Some people may believe in the myth that a prominent navel during pregnancy indicates a disruption in the placenta, uterus, and navel of the baby in the womb. Though this is not true at all, you know! In adults, the navel is not related to any organ in the body. Causes of belly button bulging during pregnancy Basically, belly button protruding during pregnancy is normal. This is usually caused by an increase in the size of the fetus which then presses the abdominal wall, so that the navel becomes prominent. Navel prominent usually occurs in the second trimester and third trimester of pregnancy, or more precisely when the pregnancy is 26 weeks. Navel prominent will usually be very sensitive, so easily irritated due to exposu
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Mother, This is the Way to Overcome Nails Cans in Babies

Canengan can also be experienced by babies, not just adults. Sticking a baby will make him fussy and cry because of pain. To reduce pain and discomfort due to cantengan in infants, there are several ways you can do at home. Cutaneous is a condition where the nail presses or sticks into the skin, and usually occurs in the big toe. One cause of cantengan in infants is the use of socks or shoes that are too tight. In addition, nails attached to the baby can also be triggered by mistakes when cutting baby nails, for example, cutting nails that are too deep or too close to the skin. Overcoming nails can on the baby When experiencing slashes, baby's toes can be red, swollen, and release yellow fluid. Babies with nails will usually cry and fuss, and are reluctant to wear shoes. This is because cantengan can cause pain. To deal with cantengan nails in infants, there are several things you can do, namely: 1. Soak baby's nails with soap The first thing you can do to deal with ba

Think Again Before Confirming on Social Media

Now social media seems to be inseparable from daily activities. It's no wonder that many who express feelings of resentment, anger, or sadness through social media can be a relief. But, actually there are various consequences of these actions. Pouring the contents of the heart or often referred to. But, it's good you do not confide in just anyone or place, especially on social media. Various Negative Possibilities Confide on Social Media Some people are relieved after telling me what makes them upset on social media. Especially after getting a lot of comments support or liking by giving a like symbol. But, actually vent on social media often does not solve the problem and can actually have a negative impact. Relieved, but only briefly The reason people confide and even express their negative feelings on social media is generally because they feel more relieved after doing so. However, it turns out this feeling of relief and calm only lasts in the short term. Furthermor